A stunning & unique warehouse located right on the waterfront

Dating back to 1880 it is one of only two such buildings still standing on this beautiful stretch of Dublin’s Docklands, now the European epicentre of the Worlds leading tech and new media companies


Ground Floor: Lettable Area 432sqm
Mezzanine Floor: Lettable Area 332sqm
External Boardwalk: 170sqm

Located on the Southern Quays on a magnificent site, right on the river, west of Beckett Bridge at Macken Street on Sir John Rogerson’s Quay.

New amenities such a mezzanine floor, a new boardwalk and a new rooflight lantern have been added. The original sliding doors, which were beyond repair, were replaced with new solid French oak doors, re-using the original cast iron wheels and tracks, but now operated electronically.

Renovated to the highest possible standard, involving both restoration and conservation.

The building has been adapted for use as premium space ideally suited to the tech sector.

An abundance of premium restaurants, artisan cafes, bars and specialist grocery stores are within walking distance.

Well equipped gyms, yoga centres and swimming pools are close by. Or why not take a run along the Grand Canal or Sandymount beach.